Personal artistic projects in public space, about public space or participatory projects.

Untitled, 2011

Black and white plastic bags on trees in a park

Hammos, 2015

Home-made bread and hummus

To get lost maps, 2015

Projects management with the municipality of Brest, the University (UBO), the art school (EESAB), etc.

Your Hope Festival

Organizers: BIJ (Youth Information Bureau), the City of Brest (Spotlight on Youth)

  • In collaboration with: Le Fourneau, La Carène
  • Participating countries: France, United Kingdom, Finland, and Spain
  • Date: May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2014

The YOUR HOPE Festival, funded by the Erasmus+ program for youth and mobility, was a celebration of cross-cultural exchange and youth empowerment, leveraging the European elections of May 2014.

As one of the participants and the primary organizer for the artistic and graphic aspects, I played a key role in shaping the festival’s creative vision. Working within our budget, I coordinated various elements, including travel arrangements, accommodations, and food provisions for all attendees, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Brest’s harbor, the festival unfolded under a marquee opposite La Carène, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie.

Over two days, young participants from France, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Spain delved into workshops focusing on graphic expression, body movement, batucada, and body percussion. These engaging sessions, held at Le Fourneau, La Carène, and under the marquee, encouraged artistic exploration and cultural exchange among participants.

The festival reached its climax on Saturday evening with a lively presentation at Le Fourneau, where participants showcased their creations. Guided by an enthusiastic host, the event embodied the spirit of unity and hope, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

My role as the organizer extended beyond logistical duties; it involved fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where creativity could flourish. As a second-year student at the time, my contributions to the artistic and graphic aspects of the festival were integral to its success, highlighting the transformative power of youth-led initiatives.

Star Community - Integration workshops for the Art school

The « Star Community » integration week at the Fine Arts School of Brest, held for the academic year 2014-2015, aimed to foster student cohesion and engagement through artistic exploration. As one of the two organizers and workshop facilitators, my role was crucial in finding and orchestrating groups of artists and collectives, managing the budget, and ensuring smooth communication between students, artists, and the school’s administration.

Inspired by current events and European themes, the week encouraged participants to interpret and produce art freely, exploring various socio-cultural, economic, political, geographical, and historical aspects. Workshops spanned a diverse range of disciplines, from woodworking and urban art to scenography and culinary design, facilitated by professionals and educators from renowned collectives in the region and institutions such as Alcyone, Et moi Et moi Et moi, and PPP.

The objectives were clear: promote student integration, establish a vibrant group dynamic, introduce students to the different workshops in the school, and connect them with external professionals. Through collaborative efforts, the event provided a platform for collective expression and reflection on themes relevant to the European Union and broader communities, such as unity, diversity, mobility, borders, and cultural identity.

As the only school in France who decided to add « European » to its name after some french political reforms, the EESAB’s (European school of Art and Design) role and future were also subjects of contemplation, highlighting its unique position within a wider European context. The event served as an opportunity for students to ponder the school’s potential impact and contribution to European cultural exchange and dialogue.

Other projects led with municipality through my student years

As the former president of the association of art students (Laboz’arts) for two years during my second and third year of studies, I had the privilege of leading initiatives aimed at cultivating a vibrant and supportive community among the school. A few examples of our missions:

– allowing students to be well-integrated favoring the art of living together (information meetings, organisation of events, etc.)
– allowing students to widen their horizons on the professional sphere through the presentation of projects taking place outside/ external projects.
– making it easier to produce and realize some projects thanks to a scholarship.
– promoting exchanges between the four sites of the EESAB (Brest/Lorient/Quimper/Rennes)
– setting up new partnerships (Festival du Film Court, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Fab Lab, etc.)
– Organizing exhibitions in the University and in the common spaces of the dormitories, creating workshops with primary schools or retirement houses, forwarding projects from the local community and creating partnership with the students, etc. 

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