Born in Paris in 1993

"Two professions fascinated me more than anything else when I was a child: archaeologist and astronaut.

Whether it's searching for the traces of extinct dinosaurs in the depths of geological layers, or exploring space to discover new planets and their unknown landscapes, I now see in both a symbolic desire for travel, both in space and in time.

The exploration of my artistic research takes its roots in this double fascination and attempts to visually give shape to the writing of a 'space-time': understood here as a space defined, traversed, or constructed by duration. By using a wide range of media such as sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, and installation, my work constantly reactivates a recurring vocabulary such as displacement through walking, traces, mapping, or musical notation.

The elementary forms used (circles, lines, squares, rectangles) allow me to create formal parallels borrowed from astronomy, geology, music, and musical notation to poetically reveal the notions of territory, boundaries, polyphonic spaces, and thus question and initiate (in participatory pieces) a collaborative dialogue on the sharing of spaces.

"If all disciplines communicate with each other,
it is at the level of what emerges, never for oneself,
but what is engaged in every creative discipline,
namely the constitution of space-times."
Gilles Deleuze - Lecture "What is the Act of Creation?" given at FEMIS in 1987."

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