Circular table and poplar wood, french bread & hammos, 30 x 30 x 20 cm, 2015

"The meal is a moment of encounter, conviviality, it's the coming together of bodies. (...)
'Savoir' (knowledge) and 'saveur' (flavor) have the same etymology."
How to Live Together, Roland Barthes (Collège de France, 1977)

By playing with the codes of the exhibition-vernissage of very short duration (here, an evening), I propose a sculpture-bread, hollowed out and filled with hummus. Spectators are invited to tear, break the bread and eat the hummus - a traditional Mediterranean dish to be shared in the same dish - that it contains.

Pronounced "Hammos" as in Lebanese, the piece, inspired by a family recipe, gradually disappears, as time and pleasure it provides go by.

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