Sancte Iohannes

Wall installation, MDF, Acrylic, variable dimensions​

This installation comprises two elements in dialogue with each other.

A graphic score hung on the walls presents a personal musical interpretation of the hymn for the Birth of Saint John the Baptist by Paul the Deacon, through which Guido of Arezzo named the musical notes in 1028, a system still used today in Latin-speaking countries.

Synesthetic associations of music and color are used in the form of painted rectangular blocks that correspond to the length, height, and depth of the notes, inspired by software programs (Synthesia), video games (Guitar Hero), and even perforated cards for mechanical pianos from the 19th century.

Piano 360°

Prototype, wood sculpture, felt, acrylic paint, resin 156 x 156 x 135cm

The Round Piano, an ongoing project presented in prototype form, features 352 keys facing outward, implicitly suggesting the possibility of multiple players.

The hymn for the Birth of Saint-Jean Baptist, appearing as a graphic score in the background canvas, is originally a plain-chant. This collective chant with a single voice (referred to as monodic or monophonic) was intended to symbolically unify the Christian world after the fall of the Roman Empire and became the dominant musical model of the time.

The piano, through its amplification, invites exploration of simultaneous sonic pleasures aimed at polyphony, whether harmonic or dissonant.

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