Le village

- Diorama (foam, wood, acrylic paint, PVA glue, sand, resin) 400 x 400cm
- Drawings on A3 paper
- Analog photographs, 10 x 15 cm
- Sound recordings along the residency, 1H58mins

'Le Village' is the project carried out during the Création en cours' artistic residency at the Ateliers Médicis in 2021-2022, within a primary school class in Morbihan (France) for six months.

The Gulf of Morbihan is an extremely rich area in megalithic sites that emerged during the Neolithic period. This period saw the emergence of sedentarization and the construction of the first villages, some of which are now partially submerged under the "little sea" (Mor-Bihan).

'Le Village' proposes to explore together the notions of collective territory, urban planning, and organization of communal living spaces, through visits to prehistoric sites, field surveys in the city, photographic surveys, drawing workshops, and cartography.

Drawing on a multitude of references, immersed in both the traces of the past and the imagination deployed by the children, we created a fictional territory invented by the class, which takes the form of an installation that juxtaposes the diorama of this territory and the processes of elaborating this village, in which the children are both the urban planners and the inhabitants.

[This project received support from the Ateliers Médicis]

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